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Chanel Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick in Boy

Shhhh! I've been having a love affair with a certain Boy for awhile now. My fiancee doesn't know, and would be mad with jealous rage if he knew. A crime de passion may occur, he may take my Boy. The trust will be gone, I will be desolate. Please don't let him know.
This love for Boy has shocked, disorientated and overwhelmed me. He isn't my type at all, I wasn't on the market, he's everything I normally avoid. What is this strange, unusual attraction I've developed? Why can't I leave him alone?!! My mind said no, but my lips said yes, yes, YES!!
Okay, enough with the bad romance analogy!
Ever since I bought Chanel Extrait de Gloss in Insolence in January, I've had renewed passion for the brand. The perfection of that gloss reminded just how phenomenal Chanel is, that they are one of the top producers of lip products in the makeup world. The Rouge Coco lipsticks are a fantastic range, fabulously successful and well-loved. So I really took notice when the new range of Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks came out. Our eyes met across a crowded department, enough!

I was truly shocked at my reaction to the range. I don't really do "shine" lipsticks, balmy, glossy, sheer lipsticks. I usually use a balm, a lipstick, or a gloss. I don't cross-pollinate.
They have been introduced as an innovative blend of colour and shine. At once a lipstick and a hydrating product, like a balm. They are formulated with a hydrating technology that releases continual moisture to the lips throughout wear. The feel and look on the lips is incredibly soft, glossy and sensual. They're not a lipstick-gloss hybrid, there is no feel of a traditional lipgloss about them. No stickiness or viscous texture. But they are very glossy, it's very unique!

The Coco Shines' are designed to reflect the effortless and innovative clothing Coco Chanel pioneered, at once fashion-forward and completely wearable. Semi-sheer, with subtle and complex blend of shimmers, the range of colours are truly magnificent. I first saw Evasion, a light peach with incredible shine and shimmer on Nicky from Pixwoo. I thought that would be the one i would go for, given my adoration for peach. It looked fantastic on Nicky from Pixiwoo.
As I alluded to, I usually steer clear of rosy mauves and dusky pinks, but Boy is my exception. If I wear pink, it's usually, hot, shocking, vibrant, neon, intense - think Mac Viva Glam Gaga. I don't usually go for any pink or rose that is tawny, dusky, mauvey, light - think Mac Pink Plaid.

So imagine my bewilderment when I found myself drawn to Boy - a mauvey pink. The Chanel website describes it as "A rosewood with a slight hint of copper, a relaxed chic essential". I think the slight hint of copper is one of the reasons I wear this so well, I like copper shimmer in lipsticks. One of my faves is Nars Petit Monstre, which has a strong copper shimmer. It's very warming on me and I really enjoy it. It's extremely slight in Boy, the shimmer is so refined. Just enough to plump the lips and make them glisten, but he's too sophisticated to seduce you with a cheap Pinot Grigio shimmer, this is the Veuve Clicquot of shimmer! It's only in the tube you detect the shimmer, it's not there swatched on the hand.

It's a light rosebud pink with a tiny hint of lavender mauve, it's like the colour of a babys' lips. That may sound weird, but there's a very soft, babyish quality to the pink of Boy. There's also a real adult sexiness to Boy, it gives you a kind of just-licked-your-lips, post bedroom sheen.  It is so Chanel, in that it is effortless! It's a real throw on at any time without looking lipstick, and it will go with ANY look.  It glides on, yet doesn't slip and slither around, it's sheer yet not lacking in substance. It's both loud and quiet. It's loud, in that it's so beautiful it will bring attention to you and your beautiful lips. It's quiet, in that it's understated chicness approaches you softly and doesn't overpower you or your look. I imagine it's similar to the discontinued Mac Slimshines, which I never tried but have heard about/seen. But Slimshines on Oestrogen, higher in quality and luxury.

I find it incredibly moisturising. I couldn't believe some people said it dried out their lips. I don't know how that's possible. If I forget to wear lip balm to bed, or I rush out the door without moisturising my lips, this instantly takes away any dryness and makes my lips look like they've had a week at a health farm. The more you apply it throughout the day, the softer my lips are. You want to reapply it because you want the beautiful feel of it on the lips.

It doesn't look the same colour on me as it does on the Vanessa Paradis Promo pics. I wouldn't have picked it based on the picture, for me, anyway. Although she looks lovely. There's definately some lipliner involved in this shot, or mixture of shades, although they say she's wearing Boy.

Vanessa Paradis, Face of Chanel
     I think she's just wearing Boy here though, love this shot of her!

I think she's part of the allure, because she so interesting, boho and beautiful in that French way, and she was the one Johnny Depp chose so......lucky her! I want the lipstick that gals' wearing! If ever there was a perfect colour for a wedding, this is it. In fact, it's replaced my MUFE discontinued lipstick #54 as the one I'd wear on my wedding day.

All of the Rouge Coco lipsticks were named with significance to Coco Chanels' life and work. Gabrielle, for example, is Coco Chanels' real name.
Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

The Rouge Coco Shine Lipsticks are similarly and significantly named. All have specific and particular names relevant to Coco Chanel. Boy is named after Arthur "Boy" Capel, the love of Cocos' life.

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel
Boy completely represents Chanel for me, the whole range does, because it's at once casual, chic, dazzling and effortlessly stylish. It's effortless to wear, it's beauty is so unassuming and subtle yet stunning. It makes you look better, feel better and want to be better. You never want to take it off, it's addictive, like the best illicit romances. Boy is bad for you, he's expensive, moreish, and is such a generous lover. Boy works with your lips, not against them. He's a gift, a treasure, a fabulous French affair.
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  1. I am seriously lusting after this lipstick and I'd love to try other shades from the range as well. Shiny, lustresque lipsticks are right up my alley, so I have a feeling I'd fall in love with these. By the way, your analogy was fantastic and your writing was as well! xo

  2. @Laura Rae-Lynn
    Thanls Laura for your lovely comments, I really appreciate it! xo

  3. Now you're really making me want to buy it. It looks lovely on you!

  4. Why Daisy! You have a talent for descriving things you love and make them absolutely exciting and delicious! Mom days that when I describe music, movies, books, makeup or food, I make them all sound like pastry so naturally, they want to have a bite at that! Anyway, I'm so happy to see you loved that lipstick and if I had to quote Noel Coward, I'd think you'd say "I'm mad about the boy/I know it's stupid to be mad about the boy/I'm so ashamed of it/But must admit the sleepless nights I've ever had about the boy!". I definitely need to get my hands on Chanel lipsticks but I don't know where to start, which collection, etc. Any help? Thanks a lot and this lipstick looks ravishing!!!!

  5. Thank you darling Daisy--I heard about this shade a while ago and was waiting to hear someone I trust give their two cents. This will be my birthday present to myself in 4 weeks time.

  6. Wowsers, I'm virtually drooling after this lipstick now. Your writing is wonderful Daisy, I really enjoyed reading this review, and totally agree with Laura's comment.
    I am a Chanel make-up virgin, but this may be the 'Boy' to pop my cherry (sorry!)
    The lipstick looks so beautiful on your lips, I think I'm going to have to pay my nearest Chanel counter a visit very soon!
    Thanks for the great review

  7. @Sarah
    Thank you so much!! Loved your comment you cheeky mare!

  8. @JuliaC
    Thanks Julia, I think you'll love it!